Benefits of Clear Aligners

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Benefits of Clear Aligners


Patients may have been satisfied with conventional braces in the past, but today, they are demanding more. More from their lifestyle, more from their smiles and ultimately, more from their dental treatment. They want a solution that will give them the attractive smile that they desire without compromising their ability to live an active, fulfilling daily existence. Fortunately, with clear aligners, you can deliver on this demand and ensure your patients get exactly what they need from you.


How Clear Aligners Work


Clear aligners work in the same way as regular braces. However, the equipment used to deliver the result is very different. Braces use brackets, wires, and elastics to exert force onto the teeth to push them into their new and improved positions. However, with clear aligners, simple, plastic molds are worn over the teeth to produce the same gentle force. Rather than appointments to have wires tightened, patients move onto the next aligner in the series to continue their treatment. The entire series of aligners is created using cutting edge technology which maps the journey the teeth need to take to progress from their start position to their final one.


Benefits of Clear Aligners for Patients


As you may have already discovered, there are numerous different benefits that clear aligners offer patients, making them the preferred choice of those who wish to experience straighter, more attractive smiles without the need for regular braces. Some of the key advantages of clear aligners for patients include the following:


  • The aligners are nearly completely invisible once in place, giving patients unrivaled discretion in their treatment. This is in complete contrast to braces, which are permanent and involve the use of brackets, wires, and elastics to move the teeth.

  • There are no dietary restrictions since aligners should be removed for eating. This means that patients can enjoy their favorite foods, including those which are sticky or chewy and would otherwise break a conventional brace. They then simply pop their aligners back in once their meal is finished.

  • There is complete simplicity when it comes to brushing their teeth. Unlike braces, which have brackets, wires, and elastics which must be negotiated and cleaned around, and are nearly impossible to clean perfectly, clear aligners are removed at brushing time. This means that patients can brush their teeth and floss as normal. The aligners themselves can also be carefully cleaned inside and out using a soft-bristled brush or damp cloth. This helps to remove any residual bacteria or food debris that could otherwise increase their risk of experiencing decay.

  • Clear aligners are custom designed for each patient, meaning that they are much more comfortable, particularly compared to the metal used in regular braces.


Why you Should Offer Clear Aligners to Patients


There are a range of reasons why you should be ensuring that you invest in becoming a provider of a clear aligner solution for your patients.   


Fulfill patient expectations and demand


If you don’t offer clear aligners, there is a high chance that your patients will go to someone who does. Clear aligners are swiftly becoming more popular then braces because of the many advantages that they offer patients. This means that if you become a provider of clear aligners, you can fulfill the patient’s demands and expectations for an orthodontic solution that doesn’t interfere with their lives.


Fewer patient appointments needed during treatment


Another huge benefit to providers is that clear aligner treatments typically require far fewer appointments than those in a conventional orthodontic brace treatment plan. This is because patients can move onto the next stage in the treatment without needing to visit you. Instead, they start to wear the next aligner in the series. You will still need to see patients monitor their progress, but visits will be less frequent. Some providers even offer remote treatment monitoring.


Support your patient’s dental health


Since it is much easier to clean their teeth when wearing aligners, patients who choose this style of solution generally have better oral health, with a lower risk of developing decay or periodontal disease. If you offer clear aligners, you will be supporting the long-term health of your patient’s smile, as well as their overall wellbeing. This is because poor dental hygiene caused by improper cleaning has been linked to chronic health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and even cancer.




If you would like to know more about offering clear aligners to your patients, or if you have questions about becoming a provider of this popular solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.