How Clear Aligners Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

How Clear Aligners Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

How Clear Aligners Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

Many people are surprised to learn that clear aligner solutions for orthodontic issues have been around for more than 20 years. However, it is only in more recent years that they have risen in popularity and affordability. Now, they are a mainstream solution available in countless dental practices across the United States and around the world.


If your practice hasn’t yet taken the plunge and started offering clear aligner solutions, here’s why you should prioritize adding this service to your dental program.


Clear Aligners Can Treat A Variety Of Orthodontic Issues

Although they don’t look particularly advanced, clear aligners have been proven to be effective in correcting virtually identical orthodontic issues to conventional braces. These include:


  • Gapped teeth


  • Teeth that are overcrowded and overlapping


  • Open bite


  • Under/overbite


  • Crossbite


Most Patients Are Good Candidates For Clear Aligners

Another key reason why you want to invest in clear aligners for your dental practice is their suitability. Studies show that as many as 70% of patients who require orthodontic treatment are eligible as candidates for clear aligners. This is a huge potential market, particularly since happy patients are more likely to refer friends, family, and colleagues to you following their treatment.  


Clear Aligner Solutions Are In High Demand

The large number of patient benefits associated with clear aligners means that they are in high demand right now. The global clear aligners market size was worth $2.41billion in 2020 despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite slower growth of just 4.4% in 2020, experts predict that the market will be worth as much as $10.4billion by 2028*.


This growth is largely because of the growing demand for aesthetic treatments, as well as the recognition of clear aligners as a viable alternative to conventional braces. Clear aligners are also often used as part of a total smile makeover treatment plan.


Training To Offer Clear Aligners Is Usually Simple

Before you can offer clear aligners, specific members of your team will need to be trained to deliver this service. Depending on which clear aligner solution you choose to offer, you may need specific rather than general training. However, all courses aim to teach general dentists how to use clear aligner therapy as a tool to improve the alignment of patient teeth.


High ROI

Clear aligner solutions offer a great return on investment when compared to traditional braces. This is partly because of the minimal in-chair time the treatment requires. Rather than visits to your offices for adjustments every 6-8 weeks as is usually the case with braces, with clear aligners the patient can move onto the next stage of treatment (the next aligner in the series) while still at home. This means that while you will still need to see them regularly to monitor the success of their treatment, visits will be far less often, giving you more time to see other patients.




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