Whitening Teeth With Bleaching Trays

Whitening Teeth With Bleaching Trays

Whitening Teeth With Bleaching Trays

Teeth whitening is among the commonly requested procedures in dental practice today. Courtesy of TV and movies, more people desire the perfect white smiles many celebrities adorn. Many other tooth bleaching tools and techniques are available to dentists. A bleaching tray is thought to be an easier, quicker, and more efficient bleaching tool.


What Are Bleaching Trays?


Bleach trays are plastic teeth retainers created out of a mold of the client’s teeth. The trays are used to hold a teeth-bleaching gel for some time as the bleach cleanses the teeth. The tray is custom-made to fit the patient’s upper and lower teeth.


Once the trays are ready, the dentist pours the bleaching gel into the trays and sticks them over the client’s teeth. The user wears the trays for a specified amount of time, which could be several hours a day, or overnight as they sleep.


The use of trays was the original method for at-home teeth whitening. Over time, dentists have adopted it and found it to work well. It is effective and has predictable results. The trays are also preferred because they are safe, have a wide range of applications, and are relatively low cost. The effects of the bleaching are visible in only two weeks.


Who Is the Target Clientele?


Anyone can take up bleaching trays to improve his or her smile. But the treatment works better for some people than it works for others. Persons with artificial dental fixtures like veneers and crowns may not see much change. The same is the case for persons with multiple bands, colorations, spots, and splotches due to tetracycline or fluorosis. For these two groups, the results may not be as pleasing as advertised. Using bleaching trays is likely to produce uneven results.


Another advantage of bleaching trays is that they help you tap into the market further. Usually, there are two types of clients. Some clients prefer having all their dental work done at the dental office. Others are DIY (Do It Yourself) pros and like to do things themselves. With bleaching trays, you can serve both clients. Sell the bleaching trays to the DIY client and complete the bleaching procedure for the in-office client. Bleaching trays are quite safe, and patients can apply the trays at home by themselves.


As such, with bleaching trays, you service a larger number of patients, which raises your revenue. Also, once the DIY client finds success with one product, they are likely to come to you even for other in-office treatments. As such, bleaching trays help you grow your client base.


How Long Do the Results Last?


After the bleaching, the patient’s teeth are permanently lighter than before. To keep them in that state, the patient must maintain a clean and healthy mouth. If needed, the client can use the bleaching trays for minor touch-ups.


Bleaching trays produce fast, excellent results that your patients will love. You also get to attract a larger market. Get the dental bleaching trays from The Dental Laboratory Group in Staten Island, New York.


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