The Benefits of IPS e.max® Crowns

The Benefits of IPS e.max® Crowns

The Benefits of IPS e.max® Crowns

Crowns are one of the most effective ways of restoring teeth that have been damaged or severely decayed. While there are lots of different types of crowns available, some are considered superior to others. One of the newest and most popular types of crowns is the IPS e.max® crown.


Here are some of the reasons why dental practices should be considering offering IPS e.max® crowns to their patients.


Natural Teeth

IPS e.max® crowns simulate the opalescence and light diffusion properties of natural enamel, which makes them look virtually exactly like natural teeth. As a result, they can blend flawlessly with the surrounding teeth, enabling patients to enjoy a truly dazzling smile.


100% Ceramic

IPS e.max® crowns are milled from a single block of lithium disilicate. This means that there is no metal alloy attached beneath the ceramic that could potentially show through and create a greyish tint or outline that could cause the crown to look artificial.



Nobody likes to admit that they have had problems with their teeth and oral health. Since they look so much like natural teeth, patients who choose them can benefit from discretion. Nobody needs to ever know that they have needed restorative dentistry treatment.


Used On All Teeth

IPS e.max® crowns are typically used in the anterior of the mouth, to cover pre-molars and molars. However, they can be placed anywhere in the mouth where restorative crowns are required.


IPS e.max® Crowns are Extremely Durable

When you are restoring teeth that are damaged or decayed, you want to be able to guarantee the longevity of your work. IPS e.max® crowns are made primarily from lithium disilicate, which is glass-ceramic with exceptional strength. This strength gives the crowns unsurpassed durability, with the ability to successfully withstand the strongest and most forceful bites.


Greater Preservation of Patient’s Natural Teeth

The application of dental crowns usually requires some of the natural tooth structure to be removed so that the crown can fit properly over the top of the tooth. However, with IPS e.max® crowns, only very little of the tooth needs to be removed, preserving as much of the structure as possible.


A Versatile System

The IPS e.max® system gives dentists the option to offer a number of different restorative solutions including dental veneers, dental bridges, inlays, onlays, and overlays. With greater versatility available, dentists can ensure that they can meet all of the restorative needs of their patients.


Crown in One Day

With the IPS e.max® system, there is no need to wait for a crown to be sent away to a lab to be prepared over the course of a week or more. Cutting edge CAD/CAM technology means that instead, patients who a looking for restoration in a hurry can receive their bespoke e.maxÆ crown in just one day.


If you would like more information about the IPS e.max® system and IPS e.max® crowns, call The Dental Laboratory Group at (718) 477-6270.