Types of Dental Implants: What’s Right for You!

Types of Dental Implants: What’s Right for You!

Types of Dental Implants: What’s Right for You!

When you look for dental implants, it is important to consider the best options for your patients. That is why The Dental Laboratory Group specializes in carrying a variety of the best dental implants for your use. We believe that building trust with our dentists is critical to the success of your business. We have an entire team that can focus on your needs, so never hesitate to call and see how we can help your practice today!


Dental Implants


The Dental Laboratory Group offers custom implant abutments specifically designed with your patient’s needs and comfort in mind. We offer both a titanium and zirconium abutments, and also offer these as screw or cement-retained. This offers a wide range of options so that you can tailor your treatment to your patient’s specific needs.


Every one of our custom implant abutments utilizes our CAD/CAM technology so that we can ensure that every product you receive meets the specifications of every patient, every time. In addition, this process creates a natural-looking emergence that optimizes the soft-tissue contours and crown esthetics. Abutments that are properly measured also offer better outcomes for your patients as evidenced by improved gingival health, and comfortable final restoration.


Competitive Pricing


At The Dental Laboratory Group, we understand that getting the highest quality materials for your patients is only half of the battle. If products are significantly overpriced and burdened with high overhead or shipping costs, it simply is not feasible for your use. That is why we offer competitive pricing. We can achieve this by maintaining an efficient process and having highly trained staff.


Our staff simply make the difference in being able to quickly work with you to identify all of your needs and make sure that we get it right the first time, every time. In addition, the milling process that we use can help manufacture your needs quickly, so there is no lengthy wait time for you to receive the products you need for your patients.




We design our abutments so that they work seamlessly with the most popular implant systems. This means that you do not have to spend additional time trying to get the implant to properly fit, but that you know that the entire process will go smoothly.


Whether you need a single implant for your patient, or you need to implants to replace all of a patient’s teeth, The Dental Laboratory Group can handle your needs. As we build your trust, you can transition all of your implant needs through our company to reduce the stress that it takes of ordering implant abutments.




One of our other popular options for your dental practice is a “screwmentable.” This device is a hybrid of a cement-retained crown that offers screw hole access for retrievability. This special device works by cementing the crown to the abutment “extra-orally.” This creates a single-piece dental restoration. Due to the specialized location of the angulation and exit of the screw, these pieces are typically a custom abutment. We work with a variety of different manufacturers so that we can guarantee the best device for your patient’s needs. Our staff can help to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get the device for your patient because we work directly with partners to deliver the entire product.




The Dental Laboratory Group specifically trains all of our technicians to the latest implant technologies. This training process ensures that every technician will understand the details of your needs and can help to offer suggestions to solve your patient’s needs. Call The Dental Laboratory Group in Staten Island, NY today to find out why ordering from the largest milling center in the Northeast can be a huge benefit for your dental practice (718) 477-6270.