What Is a Diagnostic Wax Up Used For?

What Is a Diagnostic Wax Up Used For?

What Is a Diagnostic Wax Up Used For?

Diagnostic Wax Up is a procedure used to diagnose dental problems before treatment. A palatial guide is made using a silicone mold. It maps the mouth of the patient and creates a 3D mold. It is an important step because it helps the dentist to make the appropriate treatment plan. It enhances the predictability of dental treatment.

The dentist uses Diagnostic Wax Up in two steps. In the first step, it helps to diagnose the problem. In the next step, it’s used to create a mockup of the solution. Some dentists use Diagnostic Wax Up for their diagnosis, while others use other modes. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for a Diagnostic Wax Up procedure.

It Helps to Diagnose Tricky Problems

Some dental problems are tricky to look at. Some cavities and fractures are located at the back of the mouth. Where visibility is a trick, Diagnostic Wax Up saves the day. The wax is administered in the patient’s mouth to create a replica of his dental position. From there, the dentist can see the problem and propose a treatment plan.

It Helps to Predict the Outcome

It is not easy to look at teeth and propose an outcome without the help of Diagnostic Wax Up. It is used as a guide to help the dentist come up with a treatment plan. This helps a lot in cases of surgical procedures. Restorative procedures also benefit from Diagnostic Wax Up. The dentist can predict a treatment plan with the help of Diagnostic Wax Up aesthetics.

It Helps the Patient


The dentist can communicate with the patient using Diagnostic Wax Up. Some cases are hard to explain in theory. Once you have a proper diagnosis, you can clearly explain to the patient where the problem lies with a mock-up. The same Diagnostic Wax Up is used to predict a treatment plan. The patient understands every move. You can discuss any changes. That way everybody is on the same page with clear information.

It Is Applicable in Different Conditions

Diagnostic Wax Up can be used to simulate different problems. Whether you need to work on one tooth or multiple teeth. It can be used to replace a crown, and it can be used to fill a cavity. It can even be used for serious cases such as reconstructive surgery.

It Helps to Prepare Temporary Solutions

Diagnostic Wax Up helps in the construction of temporary solutions. The patient has an imaginary opinion of how the result will be. Dentists make temporary mock-ups mimic the final product so that the patient can test them. If they find difficulty in the temporaries, then they won’t do well with the final product.

It Makes Work Easier

The treatment team works better with Diagnostic Wax Up. The dentist understands the problem better with the mock-up. Even when the mold goes to the lab, there is no mix-up. The design and preparation process becomes faster and efficient. The labs especially depend greatly on Diagnostic Wax Up because it helps them to produce accurate results.

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