What is a Digital Denture?

What is a Digital Denture?

What is a Digital Denture?


Dentures have long been used to replace multiple or all of the missing teeth in the upper or lower arch of teeth. Nevertheless, the reputation of conventional dentures definitely leaves something to be desired. A poor fit, uncomfortable, unrealistic, and not secure are some of the historic complaints related to early denture designs, which compromise of mold placed over the gums within which were the necessary number of false teeth. Fortunately, the design and materials of dentures have continued to evolve, and today, modern dentures are far more natural, durable, and comfortable than their predecessors. 


Most recently, we have seen the creation of an even more innovative and successful version of dentures – the digital denture. The term ‘digital denture’ is used to describe a denture that has been designed and fabricated using cutting edge CAD (computer-aided design) CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) technology. 


Here at the Dental Laboratory Group, our experts have spent the last few years developing our very own method for designing and fabricating digital dentures using the very latest and most advanced software and materials. This enables us to offer a tooth replacement solution that offers superior fitting, aesthetics, and comfort. 


What Makes Digital Dentures Different From Conventional Dentures?


There are several different things that make digital dentures different, and in the eyes of many experts, superior, to conventional dentures. 


The design process


Digital dentures use a very specific and scientifically proven method of recording how your teeth should come together when you close your jaw. This is called your bite. This is done by determining where your smile line is and where your front teeth need to go in order to fall into position. By looking at dozens of micro-calculations, digital dentures remove any of the estimations that typically takes place using conventional impressions and instead ensures that the design of your bespoke dentures is carried out with pinpoint accuracy and precision. 


The material 


Digital dentures are milled out of a solid block of hard resin which doesn’t distort as it cures, which is a problem that does occur over time in conventional dentures. This resin is approximately 8 times harder than the acrylic that is used in regular dentures, and this helps the device to withstand pressure more effectively and subsequently, lasts for longer.  


Greater comfort


Experts also agree that digital dentures are more comfortable to wear than traditional varieties. This is largely due to the accuracy of the design process since when your teeth and jaws are properly aligned, the denture is more likely to fit perfectly and be comfortable when in place. 


Fewer appointments


The appointment process differs considerably between regular and digital dentures. This is because traditional dentures require multiple appointments for taking impressions, undertaking extractions, fittings, and adjustments. With digital dentures, there are typically far fewer appointments (an average of just 3) needed since the process is undertaken using computer-aided design. This improves the accuracy of the design and fit, meaning that fewer adjustments are usually needed. Less chair time is also a huge convenience benefit for busy patients. 


Faster production


Of course, being able to utilize CAD-CAM technology also speeds up the process with which your bespoke digital denture is being made. In fact, it is possible to make the entire prosthetic in a matter of days or even hours if necessary. This means that patients don’t have to wait as long to see the function and appearance of their smile restored – something which is a huge advantage for those patients who are finding their missing teeth to be embarrassing or debilitating. If your digital denture requires replacing at any point, this too can be done much more quickly since your information will already be on file and can be used to start the manufacturing process virtually immediately.



If you would like to find out more about digital dentures and their benefits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our highly knowledgeable dentistry team in Staten Island, NY.