Why Dental Practices are Switching to Clear Aligners

Why Dental Practices are Switching to Clear Aligners

Why Dental Practices are Switching to Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a very popular orthodontic treatment that brings teeth into alignment and makes minor adjustments to the jaw in order to improve their overall position and eliminate dental issues. Once only offered by specialists, clear aligner solutions are now available in countless dental practices across the United States and around the world, as patient demand for this innovative treatment increases.

Here’s why many dental practices are choosing to offer clear aligners either instead of or in addition to traditional orthodontic braces and why you should consider adding this treatment to your dental services.


Clear Aligners Are Versatile

One of the best things about clear aligners is that they can be used to address a wide range of different orthodontic issues, making them a very viable alternative to conventional braces for nearly every circumstance. Some of the problems that can be addressed using clear aligners include:


  • Overlapping and overcrowded teeth

  • Teeth with gaps between them

  • Teeth that are set back from the others in the arch

  • Crooked teeth

  • An over/underbite

  • An open bite

  • A crossbite


Suitable for Most Patients

The versatility of clear aligners means that you should be able to treat most patients who suffer from orthodontic issues. In fact, research estimates that around 70% of people who need some degree of orthodontic help are found to be good candidates for clear aligner treatment. This will make clear aligner solutions very much worth investing in – particularly when your patients see their remarkable results and recommend others experiencing orthodontic issues to you too.


Clear Aligners Are in High Demand

Clear aligners offer patients many advantages over traditional braces. These include:


  • They are much more discreet

  • They are more comfortable

  • Aligners need to be removed for eating, meaning there are no limits to the foods that patients can enjoy

  • They can be cleaned more easily

  • They make it easier for patients to clean their teeth since they should only be taken out for cleaning and eating

  • Patients don’t need to attend as many appointments as they can move onto the next stage in their treatment themselves, by moving onto the next aligner as instructed


With such great benefits, more people are turning to clear aligners than ever before. In fact, the clear aligner market is already worth more than $2.4billion and this is estimated to increase to over $10billion by 2028.


Expect a High Rate of Return

Offering clear aligners makes financial sense too. When compared to conventional orthodontic braces, clear aligners require much less time spent in the chair since patients don’t need to come in for adjustments every 6-8 weeks. Instead, they simply move on to the next clear aligner in the series at home. Monitoring visits are still required, but these are usually carried out every 12-16 weeks instead. Fewer visits by your clear aligner patients will give you more time to see other patients too, ensuring a high ROI for your dental practice.


It’s Easy to Get Started

Although your team will need the training to be able to offer a clear aligner solution, since the aligners themselves are created using the latest technology, the training that you need will be fairly simple and straightforward.



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