Why Invest in All-on-Four Zirconia for your Dental Practice?

Why Invest in All-on-Four Zirconia for your Dental Practice?

Why Invest in All-on-Four Zirconia for your Dental Practice?

All-on-Four Zirconia is a full arch solid implant restoration that can be used to replace teeth that have been lost or extracted, restoring the function of the teeth and the appearance of the patient’s smile. The All-on-Four device is attached to the jaw using the dental implant technique. Titanium posts are surgically implanted into the bone at pre-determined locations and left to heal. The All-on-Four restoration is then attached to the implants, completing the treatment.


The main difference between All-on-Four Zirconia and many other dental restorations is that this technique enables patients to start enjoying a fully restored smile in just a couple of days. This is made possible by the advanced CAD-CAM technology that is used to design and construct the physical restoration in less than 48 hours, and by the implants themselves, which are inserted at pre-determined angles. This angling, which is not usually done in conventional implants, ensures that they are strong enough to be load-bearing immediately, rather than having to wait several months for the jaw to heal around them and secure them in place.


If you don’t yet offer All-on-Four to your patients, you may be thinking about investing in the treatment for your dental practice. There’s a variety of reasons why you should do this, not least the popularity of the treatment itself. An increasing number of patients are choosing All-on-Four because of the benefits that it offers them, which include:


Less Surgery


Single dental implants require a titanium post to support each tooth. If you can imagine, when you need lots of teeth replaced, doing so individually would require a lot of surgery on the jaw. However, since the All-on-Four places all artificial teeth into a single device, it’s possible to support the device on just four implant posts. This minimizes the amount of surgery required and helps to maintain the integrity of the jaw.


Prevention of Bone Loss


If losing a tooth wasn’t bad enough, patients who suffer tooth loss often experience bone loss too. Usually, the root of the tooth stimulates the bone to keep it strong and healthy, but without it, the bone can start to deteriorate. This can weaken the jaw and create a sunken appearance that makes patients look older than they really are.


Simple Care and Cleaning


Just like other implants, All-on-Four dental restorations don’t need to be taken out for cleaning. Instead, they can be brushed and flossed just like regular teeth, and this will keep them looking as good as new. Cleaning them is important as although they can’t decay, plaque can still form on them and spread onto the gums, putting patients at risk of gum disease. Nevertheless, they are much easier to look after than dentures.


Fast Results


We live in a fast world and the pressures of everyday life mean that we often don’t want to wait to get things sorted – including our teeth. Conventional dental implant treatment can take several months to complete, but All-on-Four can cut that down to just a couple of days. Whether you have a special event coming up that you need your smile looking perfect for, or you simply want to get your teeth restored as quickly as possible, All-on-Four is the solution you need if you want perfect teeth in a hurry.


You can help meet patient's demands and expectations by choosing to invest in All-on-Four for your dental practice. Find out more about All on Four Zirconia for your practice, contact The Dental Laboratory Group in Staten Island, New York at (718) 477-6270.