Calibra Dental Cements

Calibra Dental Cements

Calibra Dental Cements

27.8% of crown procedures are replacements of existing crowns.

Restorations often fail when marginal integrity is compromised due to microleakage.

Calibra® Bio Cement’s new bioactive chemistry works naturally within the oral environment to form a self-repairing layer of hydroxyapatite (HA) for improved marginal integrity by minimizing microleakage. And its unique calcium aluminate ionomer (CAIO) chemistry, combining calcium aluminate and glass ionomers, delivers seamless adaptation towards the tooth structure.

Self-repairing hydroxyapatite (HA)

Calibra® Bio Cement contains calcium and hydroxyl ions that interact with phosphate ions in saliva. HA forms along the preparation’s margin where the cement interfaces with saliva in the oral environment. The HA creates a layer that continuously self-repairs if any damage occurs.

Seamless adaptation

When Calibra® Bio Cement reacts with water, calcium aluminate particles in the cement dissolve, releasing calcium and aluminate ions. When the level of calcium and aluminate ions reaches a sufficient concentration, hydrates crystallize around remaining CA particles, creating a seamless adaptation towards the tooth structure at the cement-tooth interface.


Calibra® Bio Bioceramic Luting Cement makes it easier to achieve successful results.

  • No priming or bonding agent is needed, saving time and steps

  • Good flowability and consistency with low expansion and no shrinkage

  • Works well with Zirconia – simple protocol with good retentive strength

  • Good retentive strength comparable to self-adhesive resin cements

  • Same easy cleanup as other Calibra® cements

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